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¿It’s necessary to have a Personal Brand Website in 2016?

By admin | March 2, 2014 | 0 Comment

¿It’s necessary to have a Personal Brand Website in 2016?

There’s a lot of people creating nice and creative personal brand websites around the world, it’s something that is really growing and you might not be conscious about.

¿But, how you create a Personal Brand Website in 2016?

First of all, you have to be pretty conscious that creating your personal brand is now more important than ever, and proof of it that almost every referenced professional have one.


We all know that we have to be on LinkedIn and have a nice CV, that’s a fact, but you have to go trough the next level.

I don’t think there is a better tool than WordPress for creating content. It simply does NOT EXIST.  Trust me, I have tried many in the past. I have used joomla, wix, moonfruit, drupal, IBM WCM Websphere Portal, Liferay, and many more, and believe me, WordPress is heaven, is almost like magic, you can create whatever you need with out being a developer and if you are enough persistent, you can have it for free or almost paying nothing.

The process of creating my website can be summarized in these points:

1. Buy a domain with my name.

I already have purchased DiegoNorena.com and DiegoNorena.es  domains that I’ve bought prefiguring a future almost as prominent as the Zuck or Jobs. In the .com had mounted a website that I made with an administrator who is called Moonfruit, which I used as an alternative to Wix and its low efficiency for the SEO. I have to admit that I was one of the first heavy users of Wix, because by that time I had no idea of creating anything from scratch and Wix was the paradise for those who had needs in the interwebs, but not a single line of code, we knew to throw (well, not that far if you do so, but I learn much more…)

My web DiegoNorena.com this made with Moonfruit, which is an online editor for web pages based on flash. In retrospect 2016 is very, very, very bad. Wix managed to evolve and to become one of the most relevant but Moonfruit is left behind.

Fortunately over time I learned to use WordPress and do things much better (or so I think). The old saying of you get what you pay for, applies very much for this. At first you think that these “creators” of websites you are going to save the life but with time you realize that you’re going to spend a lot of money depending on them and that you’re never going to achieve adapt their default templates to what you really need.

2. WordPress hosting

Then you have the domain you need to install a WordPress within the hosting. I’ve always worked with GoDaddy despite what it says in the middle. It is true, they are a little expensive and the customer service is regular. But well, since my relationship with them is from many years ago so I will give up on change now. The hosting is simple and shared with my other websites. (which are not few…)

3. A beautiful design, functional and modern

This is the best part of working with WordPress. The moment in which you find your design, and you dream as you will see with your information. Well, from that moment to the moment of seeing it completed in reality it may take months or years, will depend on your commitment to the project. I, as any of the “digital experts” that I know, devote too little time to his personal projects, so that a “venture” like this, it can cost a lot, both in time and in stress.

I chose this design vertical scroll for that I think applies a lot to a web-style CV. It is clear and concise. On A graphic level I think few things need to adapt, in summary, it is a design that doesn’t cost much to convert in what you want. If you know some CSS it is a great advantage, but there are a couple of tricks easy that you can learn only from the view of developer of Chrome or Firefox.

These are the 3 steps what look really simple, isn´t? well, the truth is, it is a matter of putting the shoes on and do it.

I hope you like my web




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